Halo Sanipod, helping to fight against Covid-19. 

Service Graphics' Halo Sanipod is our custom branded range of compact floor standing or wall mounted sanitisers. Each SaniPod dispenses equal measures of hand sanitiser for commercial use in all public environments.

Halo SaniPods are manufactured using varied robust materials that will endure consistent use and will withstand continual public traffic, delivering consistent measured shots of sanitiser.

The Halo Sanipod range can dispense four types of sanitiser to combat 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

We offer 5 and 10 litre containers, alcohol-based, gel, alcohol-based liquid rub, non-alcohol liquid and non-alcohol foam.

Spread the costs over 12 months from £4.40 per week. 

Click here to download our Halo SaniPod brochure and pricing.

Contactless SaniPod Dispensers

The pinnacle of the Service Graphics SaniPod range is the contactless system.

A fine mist of sanitiser liquid dispenses automatically when the motion sensor is activated. This is dispensed when the user places their hands in the correct position to receive their application of hand-sanitiser.

The hand-sanitiser is dispensed in equal measures depending on the adjustable flow rate selected.

Pump-Action SaniPod Dispensers

Service Graphics pump-action SaniPods have the exceptional build quality of the contactless SaniPods configured in a hand-pump setup, our most popular style.

This unit is a practical solution for consistent commercial and public use and will dispense sanitising gel.

Pump action Sanipods are designed for use in high and low footfall environments.

Kid's SaniPod Dispensers

Not to forget our little ones, we have created a range of SaniPods to help protect children.

Made from the same robust quality of the larger SaniPod units, SaniPod kids will bring a little fun into keeping our young one’s bug-free.

These units are Auto Dispense and activated with a motion sensor. We recommend Halo Non-Alcohol sanitiser for the kids' units as it will fight off bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 just the same as alcohol-based sanitiser.


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