We’re proud to announce Service Graphics as the dedicated UK supplier of MAGNWALL; a fully electrified display system that’s the solution to the ever-changing demand placed on retailers, exhibitors, gallery owners and visitor attractions alike. MAGNWALL will enable you to present your brand and products more effectively and more cost efficiently, with ease.

It’s your industry’s most flexible, user-friendly and sustainable display system.

How does MAGNWALL work?

Step 1. Set Up Wall Panels

Place your wall panels where they'll have the most impact - window display, promotional area, trophy cabinet or somewhere else entirely. You'll only need to do this once. The grid-free technology will also ensure you're not tripping over wires to get there!

Step 2. Choose Your Backdrop

Design your perfect backdrop and get it printed on one of Service Graphics' PVC-Free fabrics. Rather than a conventional display wall, you won't have to measure and cut holes in to position your fixtures. With MAGNWALL, backing fabrics can be easily switched from campaign to campaign.

Step 3. Position Your Accessories

The exciting bit; it's time to place your eye-catching accessories on the wall. Because everything's magnetised, all you have to do is point and place - no screws, no sticking. Experiment with placements and modify as necessary, over and over and over again!

Magnwall for Retail
Magnwall Display
Magnwall Window Display

MAGNWALL's user friendly interface incorporates intelligent analytics so you can track and flex your displays according to customer behaviours

There’s no worrying about screws, grids or wires - lights, visual merchandise, shelving systems and digital signage can be seamlessly positioned and powered on MAGNWALL’s fully magnetised surface

MAGNWALL's custom accessories kit is easy to install change, allowing you to switch up your exhibits between campaigns to make sure your customers receive the best in-store experience

MAGNWALL uses patented wireless, magnetic technology - the first mover in its field, to bring users a step ahead of their competitors

MAGNWALL's re-usable nature will help you do your bit for the environment, keeping waste low and retention high