National Science & Media Museum

Breath-taking graphics at the National Science and Media Museum’s Wonderlab.


Inspired by curiosity itself, National Science and Media Museum’s Wonderlab invites children to become scientists through 50 interactive displays and live shows.
The gallery is spread across seven different zones (forces, electricity, light, sound, matter, space and maths) the aim is to create experiences as immersive as possible.

The concept, created and developed by Lucienne Roberts+ and Ab Rogers Design, includes an illuminated hanging sphere, 22 interactive exhibits and back-lit illustrated interpretation units.

At the time of launch, Wonderlab featured some fascinating UK ‘firsts’ such as an anti-gravity mirror and 3D printed Zoetrope installations, all displayed against a background of UV vinyl and acrylic signage, which we sourced, manufactured and installed. The outstanding exhibit graphics also include two lenticular prints to stunning effect.

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