We believe that retail experiences create personal connections that have the power to transform behaviour.

These experiences create unique depth and reach, changing people’s perceptions and beliefs. It’s the thinking behind those experiences, the strategy, that lies at the core of what we do and how we can transform your business. Our strategies are formed by brand, consumer and sector research – the perfect blend of science behind the art.

Together, these allow us to see your brand as your customers see it. Understanding the “whys” behind the “whos” and “whats” are what allow us to create experiences that deliver memorable moments to your consumers.

Creative and Design

  • Ideation sketches
  • Technical drawings
  • Spatial Planning

Development and Prototyping

  • Testing and manufacture of physical prototypes
  • Health and safety tests
  • Feasibility modelling
  • Budget testing


  • Data collection
  • Store auditing
  • Shopper analytics


  • Window dressing
  • POS
  • Pop-ups
  • Shop in shops
  • 3D engineering
  • Shopfit furniture
  • Creative props
  • Digital solutions


  • Nationwide installation teams
  • Campaign management
  • Delivery and completion reporting


  • Campaign reviews
  • Innovation sessions
  • 7 day a week availability
  • Sustainability reviews

Known for their high fashion and luxury products, nothing Chanel or Dior have ever done can ever be described as ‘that’s nice’ and that definitely goes for their window displays.

By working with their design teams, we were able to personify their take of a festive season. For Dior this resulted in a golden themed gift haven strewn across the windows and one of their most popular products as the main piece.

On the other hand, Chanel’s displays focused on a frosty yet vibrant collection. Each window alternated between displays of their different lines, with life size versions of some of their most popular products dreamily frosted over and bordered by two very large digital screens communicating their festive messaging. Windows were further brought to life with the use of neon backed letters again representing their brand and particular product lines, along with a cut-out ground snow formation delicately pushing gifts to the forefront.

For this Penhaligon’s Christmas campaign, a team of experts worked to put together a breath-taking window and instore display that magnified the elegance of the products on offer. The simple features of the displays belies the challenge of producing and installing this campaign, which required multiple components rolled out across a global estate on a specific time, intact - and perfectly executed every time.

We were also responsible for the timely delivery of window vinyls, lighting and acrylic displays to sites located in New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Working in partnership with Charlotte Tilbury we provided a solution that brought their imagination into the real world, creating a truly beautiful in-store experience as part of their live campaign activation. With illuminated centrepieces, elegant digital screens, ‘try it on’ stations, permanent display units and window displays that embodied luxury, feel good and look good it’s not difficult to understand why shoppers enjoy visiting the stores.

Each window display featured cherry-picked moments from any beauty connoisseur's dream. For one window display, we used LED lights to spell 'Charlotte Tilbury', laid printed floor graphics and wallpaper that complimented the surrounding life-size beauty pieces - all to support the decadent lounge seat placed in the middle. To top it all off speech bubble narratives and delicate kisses were placed on actual windows, while others were digital screens promoting particular products bordered by LED lights.