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Stylish Marquee's

Stylish Marquee's

A semi-permanent event tent, stand alone or combine to create larger spaces and tented villages

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Stylish Marquee's

Ideal for Indoor / Outdoor events

Custom branded full colour printed 

Modular tent solution - multiple combinations and sizes

Scalable either stand alone combine to create a tented village


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Creative Structures Marquee's

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The Hexadome Event tent is no ordinary marquee its shape is instantly recognisable by its unique style: a smooth round canopy and sturdy structure of lightweight aluminium tubes. Using precise engineering techniques the skeleton of a Hexadome, though exceptionally light, is as strong as the toughest steel. The canvas canopy is of the highest quality material and available to be personalised in your choice of colours and branded with your logos and designs. The Hexadome can be packed away to the size of a European pallet.

Creative Structures branded marquee system are a perfect solution for a variety of product launches, events, parties and concerts. 

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The Hexadome is truly one of a kind. Its name is derived from its design. Unlike our other structures, the Hexadome has a six-sided hexagonal base and a beautifully domed top. It is big, bold and unforgiving with a grand ceiling height of almost 5.5 mts.

This huge structure is ideal on its own or you can have our Crossover M 6mt x 6mt structure attached to each of its sides to create a honeycomb effect of even larger spaces.  Like the rest of our range, the Hexadome is a revolutionary design from top to bottom of the standard large marquee.  Designed by an Aerospace Engineer in Holland and manufactured to arguably the most stringent standards in Germany, the Crossover is 100% European and is not only designed to stand out, but also to last for a very many years.  Using extruded 90mm aluminium tubing, galvanized steel load bearing joints and marine grade stainless steel tension cables, the Hexadome simply blows people away with its style, quality and its wow factor.

In-built rigging points allow this very solid structure to hang up to 600kg of suspended weight directly from it.  Add a truss, screens, speakers, lights, heaters, signage or whatever else you can imagine, the result will be an amazingly spacious structure with all the floor space available to you. 

Available with a range of options including zip-in side walls and printed covers.

event tent range

Our Creative Structure's range starts with a simple stylish canopy Lounger M to the giant Hexadome L


Matquee Event Tent Range

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