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Inflatable Event Tents

Custom Printed Event Canopies - X-GLOO by Service Graphics

Inflatable Event Tents printed full colour with your company branding.The X-Gloo 2 takes the X-Gloo’s sleek, innovative design and enhances it just that much more. Improvements to the structure of the inflation tubes, tension of the walls and integration of the roof and canopy have created an evolution of X-Gloo that is perfect for any event need, whether indoors or outdoors.

X-Gloo² – 4 x 4  Lightweight & eye-catching  From £1,804

inflatable event tent

The X-Gloo 4×4 is the smallest tent in the X-Gloo range. Don’t let its size fool you, though, the X-Gloo 4×4 is an impressive addition to any indoor or outdoor display. Inflatable in five minutes or less, the 4×4 weighs just 13kg and when set up reaches a height of 2.4 metres. Lightweight, portable and fully customisable, the X-Gloo 4×4 is perfect as a centrepiece or as part of a larger modular design.

Product Features - 4x4m square, Height 2.4m, Weight: 13kg, Lightweight, Fully customisable

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X-Gloo² – 5 x 5  A perfect mid-sized event tent From £2542


Event Canopies

A great medium-sized option, the X-Gloo 5×5 is a striking display indoors or outdoors and weighs only 18kg. Reaching to a maximum height of 3m, the X-Gloo 5×5 can be customised with extra walls, doors and canopies and can be easily tailored to your brand. The X-Gloo 5×5 can be set up and taken down in minutes and easily transported in the included carry bag.

Product Features - 5x5m square, Height: 3m, Weight: 18kg, Modular design, Customisable 


X-Gloo² – 6 x 6  Impressive branding, quick setup From £3279

Sport tents

A fantastic option for those looking for a larger tent, the X-Gloo 6×6 offers an impressive display structure for any indoor or outdoor event. Weighing 25kg and standing at 3.6 metres tall, the X-Gloo 6×6 is constructed of the brand’s recognisable lightweight polyester and nylon material, making it easy to transport and set up.

Product Features - 6x6m square, Height: 3.6m, Weight: 25kg, Inflates in minutes, Customisable 

X-Gloo² – 8 x 8  Total outdoor event tent package From £5298


Branded tents

The X-Gloo 8×8 is the largest tent available. Weighing in at a deceptively light 42kg and measuring a height of 4.8 metres, the X-Gloo 8×8 is the ultimate in inflatable outdoor structures. Despite its impressive size the X-Gloo 8×8 is easily inflated in minutes and can be transported easily using the supplied transport bag. Ideal as the centrepiece of any display, this tent boasts 64 metres of floor space and can be fully customised to support your brand.

Product Features - 8x8m square, Height: 4.8m, Weight: 42kg, Striking size, Customisable



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