This week we spoke to our national sales director
Matt Smith, who filled us in on life in Service Graphics.

How long have you been working for Service Graphics?
I began working for Service Graphics on the 2nd of January 2020 and so it has been an unusual but highly enjoyable period! January was a case of getting to know the new faces and some familiar ones too, February I was starting to implement a new sales structure and strategy and then along came Covid and lockdown!
Can you describe what a typical day is like for you?
In sales I feel there is never a typical day as each day varies dramatically! One day I could be in Manchester in a boardroom with a procurement director and then the next day in Birmingham discussing the job specification for a tender submission.
I am also very hands on with our business development managers, I enjoy assisting and collaborating with them. Only last week I was out cold calling with one of the team in the pouring rain and helping another with a delivery. 
What has been your proudest accomplishment while working at Service Graphics?
I haven’t been here long enough to say I have a proudest moment, but I certainly am delighted to be here and I’m very much enjoying the role and the challenge it brings and also working with some great people.
I knew some of the employees as I worked for a competitor for 23 years, but I have also met some great new people since my arrival. Covid has certainly brought us all together, we have had to learn about each other quickly and in a bizarre way it has brought the Print & Design network closer together.
Can you tell us about your colleagues?
I suppose I should not name any of them individually!?! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with them face- to-face as I would like but going forwards that will certainly change and we will all work together very closely.
We have daily Teams calls where we share the positives from the day, what’s in the pipeline and the major successes. Not everyone is built the same and has the same personality, but we are building a great team. All employees have been fantastic over this period and have grasped the need to deliver results and improve the overall sales performance of the business. Working together and helping each other is really part of the overall sales strategy and understanding that we are a nationwide business working locally.
What are the highlights of your working day?
I have three daily highlights!
  1. Every morning around 8am I get the sales numbers from the previous day and this gets opened immediately and really sets the tone for the day. We really have performed well throughout the last few months and so overall it’s been really positive.
  2. I get a lot of satisfaction from the business development team winning high value jobs, high profile clients and overall performing successfully. I have several team members who love sharing their success with me and so them achieving wins gives me great satisfaction.
  3. Client satisfaction is a real highlight for me. Knowing that a business development manager or a local branch has made a client happy really makes it all worth it. We do not have a business without clients and so knowing that we have gone above and beyond for a client and he/she has recognized that is what our business is all about.   
Outside of work how do you spend your time?
I am married and have two boys, Tom (16) and Josh (15) and so the majority of my time is spent with family. Both boys are sports mad, so a lot of time is spent on the football touchline or cricket boundary supporting them.
I love my golf which I play every Saturday morning, off 7 h’cap may I add! My Dad, two boys and I are all season ticket holders at Fulham FC and so we are looking forward to going back to Craven Cottage when we can!


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