MAGNWALL was invented for any location that needs to create impressive displays - retail, galleries, exhibitions, smart homes and corporate spaces alike, providing the right tools for a fast, creative and effective layout.

The system is based on the use of aluminium frames, metal panels and fabric which can then be enhanced by the addition of a wide range of magnetic accessories such as lights, multimedia, shelving, and other visual merchandise.

All it takes is a small built-in connector to touch the MAGNWALLsurface and immediately the device will have power.

Because of this, all accessories can be freely repositioned in seconds. A light can be positioned on a wall and be transferred with ease to the floor, highlighting interior elements as desired.

Take a look at just some of the accessories that you could add to your MAGNWALL display kit:

Probably one of the most important parts of space organisation belongs to shelves.

MAGNWALL is equipped with its own collection of multifunctional shelves as well as the designs of their Italian partner manufacturer Ronda Design.

Magnets of different sizes and load capacities make the shelves extremely flexible and reliable, with different colours and finishings making each product offering unique.

Inspired by the countless possibilities for product display MAGNWALL have created a limited selection of eye-catcher products.

Comprising shelves, podiums, led lights and rotating modules of all shapes and sizes, these bestsellers aim to highlight your merchandise at its best, creating an unstoppable desire to experience the product.

People pay attention to the details. Make sure you stand out with MAGNWALL's small elements that we call fixtures.
In this category, you'll find mirrors and interior design elements - pegs, hanging trees, hooks, backlights and more. They'll complete your story!

If you're looking for something completely bespoke, then please contact us and we'll see what we can do - we're always open to working creatively with clients.

The MAGNWALL mannequins are like no other. Thanks to the magnetic properties of their props and accessories, everything can be easily positioned against the force of gravity, so no awkward stands or hooks needed. You'll have far more creative freedom!

Going one step further, MAGNWALL have developed the first range of E-Mannequins. With integrated lights and screens, you'll be able to articulate your brand on a higher level.

Digital signage is now an age-old way to elevate your displays. MAGNWALL's wireless screens take this one step further.

Created in recognition of the effort for exhibitors installing digital signage at expo stands (the wires!), and retailers wanting to provide a sleek showcase, small and medium-sized screens can be repositioned across any MAGNWALL surface.

What's more, there's no installation costs.

Follow the trend and let flexible cable-free and screwless digital solutions support you in your communication campaigns.

MAGNWALL have worked with light experts SLV to become pioneers in mobile light technology. SLV lights powered by MAGNWALL offer you a variety of light models for private and commercial interiors.

Once again, freedom from the grid, and the ability to re-position at will, setting them apart from other display solutions.

You'll also save money due to the use of longer life LED technology.