8 ideas for promoting your restaurant with print

Promoting your restaurant with print

Promote your restaurant with print

In addition to all the stuff you do online to promote your restaurant, you need to make sure you’re giving your customers something they can touch, feel and ultimately trust.

In this digital world we now live in, print still carries a weight and permanence that online formats can’t compete with. For example, if a special offer lands on a customer’s doormat, it will likely sit on their kitchen side or table for a few days for them to ponder. A special offer will sit in a customer’s email inbox for much longer, but what’s to say they will ever read it? In the food & hospitality industry, print promotional materials remain the bread and butter for restaurants. Developments in paper stock and texture have helped it to stay relevant, allowing establishments to continue to produce print collateral that captures the attention of customers.

Here are some ideas for how you can use print to best effect to promote your restaurant:

1. Menu
How your menu is designed and printed will inform those first impressions of your restaurant. A great menu design will enhance guests’ dining experience and help them to make satisfying choices while stimulating appetite.

2. Posters
Big, bold and impactful, posters are ideal for capturing attention and remaining in the thoughts of your customers, who will no doubt be tempted by competitor restaurants in the local area.

3. Folded leaflets
Folded leaflets are an ideal template for quality menus, allowing you to divide it into logical sections to make it easy for customers to make their choice for each course. They’re also great for telling the story of your restaurant; customers today want to feel like they can connect with a brand before they hand over their money.

4. Flyers
Flyers are simple and effective. Customers know exactly what they’re getting when they’re handed one – consider including a voucher on the flyer to increase the chances of them holding onto it.

5. Business cards
Good working relationships with clients and business partners are crucial to the success of your restaurant. Get off on the right foot by producing high-quality business cards that truly speak for your restaurant.

6. Letterheads
Similarly, when you’re looking to make a contract or agreement official, you need to ensure that your printed letterhead frames your communication with authenticity.

7. Window vinyl
Window vinyls, if used effectively, can be used to transform your restaurant façade, highlighting any seasonal offers or the arrival of a new menu, helping to draw in passing diners.

8. Feedback cards
In the restaurant business, continuous improvement is essential for keeping diners coming back for more. Without customer feedback, you risk losing touch with guests’ requirements. Feedback cards may not be promotional per se, but they help promote the idea that you care about your customers’ opinions.

You print collateral, however, is only as good as your print & design supplier. With Paragon Service Point, we help you bring out the best in your restaurant through high-quality print, within fast turnaround times. Contact us today to find out how fast.

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