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Subtitle: Together with our sister brand Octink, we redefine the concept of hoardings by blending creativity and sustainability.
St William Hoarding Graphics

Our Hoarding Graphics

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End-to-End Solutions
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Including the design, print, installation and maintenance of hoarding graphics across the UK.
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Printed Hoarding Graphics
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Every year, our team prints and installs thousands of metres of printed advertising hoardings nationwide.
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Supporting Construction Site Graphics
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Once the main hoarding panels have been custom designed using your branding or project details, we'll help you take your project further and communicate your message.
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Day To Night Illuminated Hoarding Graphics
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Our illuminated hoarding graphics provide a complete day to night solution, so that your designs will never be left in the dark.
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Anti-Graffiti Hoarding Graphics
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Our anti-graffiti materials, coatings and finishes give your hoarding graphics the best possible chance of withstanding damage.

Construction hoarding graphics turn mundane barriers into powerful canvases, enhancing safety and privacy and transforming construction sites into eye-catching showcases for brands and products. 

Hoarding graphics transform blank building site panels into show-stopping installations.

Benefits of Hoarding Graphics

Ballymore - Embassy Gardens
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Excellent Advertising Opportunity For Your Project
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Construction hoarding is often installed in prominent locations in city centres, including busy high streets, transport hubs and landmark buildings.


This means that your construction site hoarding may be seen tens or hundreds of thousands of people per day as they pass by on foot or by vehicle. 

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Brand Your Entire Site With Stunning Graphics
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For commercial businesses, hoarding graphics tell your customers that you’re still here. Plus, that you’re either still open for business, or that you will be again soon. 


For property sites, hoarding graphics establish your branding onsite, while telling people where they can register their interest in your development. 


In either case, hoarding graphics that display elements such as your company logo, brand identity, messaging and image projections will tie your name to the project. All in a way which builds anticipation for what’s happening behind the boards.  

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Considering The Site Location
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Another crucial (yet easily overlooked) aspect is ensuring that the design of your hoarding fits the local character, both in terms of the immediate location and the wider area.


In prestigious or historic areas, hoarding graphics can mimic the original building features and even nearby landmarks to best appease local residents and businesses. 

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Signage or Hoarding?
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Hoarding graphics are placed directly onto construction hoarding panels. Often, hoarding graphics wrap right around the construction site covering all available space. Hoarding also plays an important role in protecting the public from any construction work. 


Signage consists of a single graphic asset to be installed at a chosen location. While signage can also involve large-scale advertising graphics, most signage is printed individually. Unlike hoarding, signage does not offer any safety protection from construction work. 

From the camera roll

Eurovision 2023 Hoardings in Liverpool
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