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We are a dynamic, skilled collective of professional creatives and project managers. We're passionate about pushing the boundaries of visual communications.

Our diverse team brings together a wealth of expertise and talent from various disciplines, including design, technology, and marketing. With a shared commitment to excellence, we collaborate seamlessly to bring your vision to life and surpass your wildest expectations.

We are much more than just another print company – we are your partners in success, ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with you.

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We’re redefining visual communications


At Service Graphics, we are driven by a burning passion for our craft.

Whether your project is small or large, simple or intricate, we bring all our creativity to the table, fuelled by cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise.

Our mission is clear: to surpass your expectations and ensure your vision becomes an awe-inspiring reality.

We don't just view our clients as customers; we consider them partners.

By forging strong relationships and diving deep into your brands unique needs, we gain a profound understanding of your aspirations and requirements.

It is through this intimate collaboration that we are able to deliver unrivalled quality and bring your vision to life.

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It's our values that makes us who we are


Our values are not mere catchy slogans or hollow phrases. They are the very essence of our identity, serving as a guiding compass that shapes our actions and defines our character. 

When we stick to our values, we earn the trust of our customers, partners, and employees, which leads to strong relationships and steady growth.

They’re the bedrock upon which our future success is defined.

Sustainability is woven into our very fabric (literally!)

We're making big commitments on sustainability simply because it's the right thing to do. We have put together a team of sustainability champions across our business who are paving the way for sustainable innovations for our clients.

From sustainable PVC-free fabric alternatives to biodegradable banners, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of print to help create a circular economy.

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Meet our SLT

Mike Holyoake - Service Graphics Group Managing Director

Mike Holyoake

Group Managing Director
Tristan Shaun - Service Graphics Group Sales Director

Tristan Shaun

Group Sales Director
Rob Goodier - Service Graphics General Manager

Robert Goodier

General Manager
Laura Rafferty - Head of HR

Laura Rafferty

Head of Human Resources
Jon Horler

Jon Horler

Managing Director - Mailing Services
Ian Bancroft - Group Operations Director

Ian Bancroft

General Manager - Human Built
Victoria McGrail - Financial Controller

Victoria McGrail

Financial Controller
Lee Westwood - Commercial Director

Lee Westwood

Commercial Director
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