Tension Fabric Systems

Subtitle: Stretched to perfection, tension fabric graphics are a versatile solution for a wide range of activations.
Next Retail Graphics in Window for children

Why choose Service Graphics for your tension fabric systems?

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We're trusted by major brands
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From Next to Reiss, Lush to Tag Heuer, we're trusted by major brands to deliver a great job - every time.
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In-house printing
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Everything is printed in-house, giving us full control over quality.
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Nationwide presence, local approach
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Your national rollouts are safe with our team of project managers and installers.
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Green comes as standard
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Almost all our tension fabric system projects are printed on eco-friendly fabrics, offering a fully recyclable solution.

The POS campaign material and window graphics supplied by Service Graphics certainly helped to brighten up our stores at a crucial time for our business. Bright, engaging graphics attracted customers back into our stores and provided a ray of sunshine after the dark clouds of the pandemic.

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tension fabric graphics for fudge
Reiss Tensioned Fabric  Retail Graphics
tony & guy exhibition tension fabric
Retail TFS
Charity Supermarket tension fabric
Rado Retail Event Graphics
The Tudors Museum Signage
Nottingham Castle interactive exhibit
Qatar Museum Graphics
Breitling Window Graphics for rugby world cup
tension fabric graphics for mens clothing
Fabric tensioned fabric retail graphics featuring gardeners

Why we love TFS


We print tension fabric systems for our clients every day, and they remain one of the most popular solutions for visual marketing.

We're going to dive deeper into why our clients come back to this solution time and time again. 

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Tension fabric systems can be designed in an endless array of sizes and configurations, ensuring no limit to your creativity.

Some of the techniques that can be applied to tension fabric graphics include backlit graphics, cut vinyl graphics, direct printing, dye sublimation printing, screen printing & UV printing. 

Easy to assemble

The frames are very easy to construct, with some needing to be put together and other frames retractable. Assembly is designed to be straightforward, requiring no specialist expertise on the day.

This means you can take your tension fabric system to various venues and always feel confident with the setup.


Cost effective

The cost of attending a trade show or event can be a huge barrier, especially when it comes to the logistics alongside installation and maintenance fees.

As most tension fabric displays are lightweight and self-assembled, they offer a purse friendly solution for businesses


The beauty of tension fabric systems being reusable (including the frame itself) is that your business can also reduce its carbon footprint in the process. 

We are also able to print on sustainable materials and have developed an alternative to silicon beading, further lowering your environmental impact.

Breitling Backlit Window Graphics Display

Backlit tension fabric displays

Backlit tension fabric displays are lit from behind, creating a dazzling illuminated display.

The use of LED lighting for backlit tension displays is designed to use a minimal amount of energy, while providing a long lasting solution. The colour temperature and brightness can also be adjusted, so that your fabric graphics always look fantastic.
Alan Howard hairdressing Exhibition Stand

Hanging tension fabric displays

The ceiling area of any commercial building or exhibition space is often highly underused. Hanging tension fabrics can be hung from stable structures within the upper areas of a building to catch attention.

In an exhibition space, they can lead visitors to your exact spot, while infusing branding or advertising into the room.
Reiss Summer Mirage campaign with freestanding graphics

Fabric tower displays

Fabric tower displays are freestanding structures used to display advertising, branding and similar messages. With their slimline design, these displays are easy to install and position anywhere within an event or commercial building.

Particularly useful for drawing attention to a promotion, fabric tower displays can inject bright pops of colour along with plenty of personality.

Where to use tension fabric systems


Tension fabric systems offer a multitude of benefits for visual marketing. With their seamless and wrinkle-free fabric displays, they provide a sleek and professional aesthetic that captures attention. 

Retail stores


Window displays

Office graphics

Venue graphics

Wall graphics