By Kelly Culver
12 May 2023

British Cycling

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We've been pedalling alongside them for years, delivering event graphics and fanzone branding that make heads turn and wheels spin.

Our longstanding partnership with British Cycling has allowed us to play a crucial role in bringing their events to life.

For several years, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of providing event graphics and fanzone branding that make a lasting impact, both in person and on television. From trackside banners to flags and sponsor boards, our comprehensive solutions have helped British Cycling create visually stunning environments that captivate audiences and showcase their sponsors.


British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling in the UK. With a primary focus on promoting and developing the sport of cycling at all levels, British Cycling organises events throughout the year, including national championships, international competitions, and grassroots initiatives.

British Cycling Sponsor Banners & Fanzone Branding

To effectively engage with audiences and raise brand awareness, British Cycling recognised the need for eye-catching graphics that would make an impact on both spectators and television viewers.

The challenge

The graphics needed to be strategically positioned to gain maximum visibility, on television, trackside and press sites, ensuring that sponsors received optimal exposure and brand recognition.

The graphics and branding materials had to be of the highest quality to withstand outdoor conditions, including weather elements and physical wear, while maintaining their aesthetic appeal throughout the duration of events.

The solution

The solution

Using our state-of-the-art printing technology and durable materials, we produced trackside banners, flags, and sponsor boards that met British Cycling's quality standards.

We worked closely with event organisers and British Cycling to identify prime locations for the banners, flags, and sponsor boards. This involved strategic placement at highly visible spots along the race route and within the fanzone, guaranteeing maximum exposure for sponsors and British Cycling's branding.


Through our ongoing collaboration with British Cycling, we have successfully provided high-quality event graphics and fanzone branding for many years, allowing the organisation increase brand visibility, and effectively promote their sponsors. Our commitment to delivering quality graphics production and strategic placement has resulted in a long term partnership, reinforcing British Cycling's position as a leading entity in the world of cycling.