By Kelly Culver
10 May 2023

Lacoste X Netflix - Regent St

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Step into a world where fashion and fiction intertwine, with Lacoste's latest collaboration with Netflix.

Lacoste, a renowned global fashion brand, sought to establish its flagship store on Regent Street, a prime retail destination in London. The objective was to create an exceptional retail experience that captured the essence of the Lacoste brand while attracting and engaging customers. Our team was entrusted with the complete retail fitout, including material recommendations, floor graphics, branded graphics, arcade game hire, illuminated signage, project management, and installation. Additionally, Lacoste collaborated with Netflix to feature a special display highlighting their partnership with the popular series "Stranger Things."

Lacoste retail graphics fit out


Incorporating the Lacoste-Netflix collaboration into the retail fit-out required careful planning and design execution to create a visually captivating and memorable display that aligned with both brands.

Balancing the unique elements of the Lacoste-Netflix collaboration with the overall Lacoste brand identity was crucial to maintain brand consistency and coherence throughout the flagship store. The design incorporated elements from the "Stranger Things" series, such as the iconic signage and arcade games, while integrating Lacoste's branding elements to create a cohesive and visually striking display.

The outcome

The Lacoste flagship store on Regent Street successfully showcased the collaboration with Netflix through a captivating and immersive display. The collaborative display seamlessly blended Lacoste's brand identity with the unique elements of the Stranger Things series. 

The collaboration not only enhanced the retail experience but also attracted a wider audience, solidifying Lacoste's position as an innovative and forward-thinking brand. We look forward to future collaborations and helping our clients create unique and memorable retail environments.