By Kelly Culver
11 Apr 2023

Wheatley House

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Experience the stunning transformation of Wheatley Group's head office, featuring striking graphics and intuitive signage. A sleek, refreshed workspace that embodies excellence, inspiring employees and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Wheatley Group is Scotland’s prestigious housing, care, and property-management leader, maintaining a strong presence across 19 local authorities. With ownership or management of over 93,700 homes, the Group prides itself on delivering high-quality services throughout the country.

The Challenge

As Wheatley Group embarked on a refurbishment project for their Glasgow-based head office, there was a need for modern and effective internal graphics, signage, and wayfinding elements. This presented an opportunity to elevate the workplace environment and create an inspiring space for employees and visitors.

meeting room with wall graphics, plant and tinted vinyl on windows
meeting room with wall graphics
Canteen area with plant
Orange meeting room wall graphics
Wayfinding signage near elevator

The Solution

Collaborating closely with Wheatley Group, we developed a plan to transform their head office with visually striking graphics and signage. Our team took into consideration the company's brand ethos, aesthetics, and functional requirements, ensuring a harmonious blend of form and function.

The end result is an inviting and cohesive office space that conveys the Wheatley Group's values and identity.

The Outcome

The revamped head office now boasts sophisticated graphics and intuitive signage, reinforcing Wheatley Group's status as a leading housing and property-management organisation in Scotland.

This fully integrated office fit-out not only enhances the employee experience but leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors and clients, reflecting the company's dedication to excellence.

graphics outside Wheatley House depicting happy families

We are pleased in the outcome of this office transformation, featuring a timeless, modern design. Using bright bold colours and and accentuated by lush plants, it has become a beautiful workspace that stands ready to inspire employees for years to come.