By Kelly Culver
11 Jul 2023

National Museums Liverpool: The Tudors

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This exhibition, presented in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, revealed secrets and told new stories about one of the most dramatic periods in British history.

National Museums Liverpool is a renowned cultural institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing historical artefacts and artworks.

Their latest exhibition, "The Tudors: Passion, Power & Politics," delves into the captivating era of Tudor history, offering visitors an immersive experience filled with stories of passion, political intrigue, and royal power. As part of the exhibition, National Museums Liverpool sought a reliable graphics partner to bring their vision to life.

The Tudors Museum Signage

Our graphics team had the privilege of collaborating with National Museums Liverpool to create a visually stunning environment for "The Tudors: Passion, Power & Politics" exhibition. The project encompassed several key aspects, including colour testing and balancing, substrate sampling, eco-friendly wall coverings, tensioned fabric graphics, signage, in-house production, and installation.

To ensure that the graphics accurately represented the richness and authenticity of the Tudor era, our team conducted colour testing and balancing across various substrates. This process involved selecting the most suitable hues, tones, and saturation levels to achieve the desired visual impact.

After sampling different materials and evaluating their durability, colour retention, and compatibility with the exhibition space, substrates were selected to ensure the graphics would withstand the test of time while providing an immersive experience for visitors.

To create an immersive environment, our team opted for eco-friendly seamless wall coverings. These coverings not only provided a visually cohesive backdrop for the exhibition but also offered sustainable solutions that aligned with National Museums Liverpool's commitment to environmental responsibility.

To maintain full control over the quality and timeliness of the project, our team executed the majority of the production process in-house. This approach allowed us to closely monitor each stage of production, ensuring that the graphics met the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

The tudor museum with people sitting

Our collaboration with National Museums Liverpool for "The Tudors: Passion, Power & Politics" exhibition was a testament to our expertise in graphics work and our dedication to delivering exceptional results.

The graphics seamlessly blended with the artefacts and immersive elements, allowing visitors to be transported back in time to experience the passion, power, and politics of the Tudor era.